Deploy Your Own Knowledge Repo

One of the best ways to forget what you’ve done is to not catalog it somehow. Munger says that knowledge must hang on a mental latticework in your head, but I say that we should just let the internet remember everything for us. To that end, I’m going to talk about how to deploy a knowledge repository, using the open source tool that the titans over at AirBnB open sourced.

If you have never heard of a knowledge repo, then I’ll walk you through the work that was done by the AirBnB team. Alternatively, if you have read through the documentation and you still want to know how to deploy a knowledge repo… this post is also for you - just scroll down to the sub header “Deploying a Knowledge Repo.”

What is a Knowledge Repo

A pretty cool tool in your toolbelt.

Deploying a Knowledge Repo

Here’s how to deploy a knowledge repo.

Use Cases at Your Job

These are fantastic for data teams. Maybe you want to onboard a new team member? What about just coding out a style guide and showing usage of common libraries?

Written on October 28, 2019